Kontam Pharmaceuticals Group is a different kind of pharmaceutical and healthcare products company for both human and animal needs, focusing on the developing world. Working with the highest levels of government and local distributors alike, we aim to not only expand our business scale and scope but also have a special interest in serving the needs of the end consumer that requires our products the most. To this end, we have a presence in 5 continents with an expanding product range to meet the demand of our main markets.

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    KONTAM is a leading pharmaceutical and healthcare products company. With over 50 branded products sold worldwide and numerous generics produced under our customers’ brands, KONTAM supplies distributors, governments and hospitals with the products they need for their markets. Our wide product range, including pharmaceuticals, veterinary products, active pharmaceutical ingredients, medical supplies, and diagnostic test kits allows us to scale our resources resulting in added value for our customers and ultimately the end user. KONTAM focuses on the best value for our customers while upholding the highest quality standards.

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    Patients depend on an uninterrupted flow of high quality medicines and products. This makes maintaining high standards in our supply chain vital to meeting patients’ needs. We only work with suppliers that score above a minimum health, safety and environment standard and we monitor their performance. We work to ensure the quality of the materials we buy and actively work to stop counterfeiting of our products.

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    Being a responsible pharmaceutical company in today’s globalizing world means operating in a way that reflects our values and connecting our business decisions to society’s healthcare needs. Our business makes a valuable contribution to society. We know that the development, manufacture and sale of our medicines and consumer products affect human lives. Therefore, we aim to be open and transparent about how we operate.

    KONTAM is committed to the corporate responsibility that comes with being in our industry, and we have taken a special interest in addressing the health needs of the developing world. It is our goal to help those that need it most. This is why we are fully committed to the African, Middle East, and Central and South Asian regions along with other areas that are epidemic prone and lacking in common, inexpensive medical treatments.

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    Our medicines and consumer healthcare products can make a real difference to patients’ lives. We research and widely distribute new treatments that address the needs of patients and healthcare professionals around the world. This is at the heart of what responsibility means for KONTAM and is central to our commercial success.

    We make a contribution by:

    • Investing in the research and distribution of new medicines and healthcare products;
    • Treating ill health from debilitating diseases such as HIV, cancer, and numerous infectious diseases;
    • Preventing disease through our vaccines and our consumer healthcare products.
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    We are committed to creating a strong ethical culture at KONTAM We do this by developing strong policies, recruiting the right people and equipping them with tools to make ethical decisions. All KONTAM employees and distributors must comply with our Code of Conduct, which sets out fundamental ethical standards, and follow the guidance and policies in our Employee Guide to Business Conduct. Our regional marketing codes ensure we demonstrate high ethical conduct when marketing our products to doctors, hospitals and governments.

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    We employ specialists from around the world in every field we operate. Our goal is for KONTAM to be the employer of choice for every one of our employees because of how we value and empower our people. We place great emphasis not only on what we achieve but also on how we achieve it. All employees must demonstrate the company’s values and behaviors in their daily work. We are committed to creating an inclusive and diverse working environment and offer employees a variety of training and development opportunities.

Mission and Vision
KONTAM and its subsidiaries were founded on the premise of offering the highest quality products to our media_partner_headdistributors, healthcare professionals, and end users worldwide. We are committed to providing the best value for our clients while upholding the very highest in business ethics and corporate responsibility. Focusing on superior customer service, it is KONTAM‘s policy to conduct business in a transparent manner.

Our aim is to create successful and lasting relationships with our clients based on trust and reliability. It is KONTAM‘s ultimate goal to get our products in the hands of those that need it most and contribute to the global effort to improve health standards worldwide.

Manufacturing Facilities
At KONTAM, our manufacturing facilities follow strict GMP rules and regulations. We have intergraded all GMP guidelines into internal procedures improving the degree to which results are consistently exceeding expectations. As one of the best pharmaceutical companies in China, we take our ethical obligation to improving access to high quality and affordable WHO essential drugs seriously. This is the ethical basis our company was founded on.pharmaceutical-facility

KONTAM’s production facilities are supported by the WHO, GMP approved, internationally certified (TUV, ISO, CE, etc.), and frequently conduct internal and third party inspections to guarantee that all of our products meet and exceed the standards required by our clients.

We take precautions to ensure that all facilities, from design to maintenance, follow the highest international standards.Cross contamination at any level is avoided by quarantined production blocks with independent air systems. Construction materials, core equipment, and analysis instruments are imported from Europe, the US, and Japan to ensure the consistency of a quality environment, quality products and precise results for product testing.

A wide range of products roll off KONTAM’s production lines daily. Pharmaceutical preparations include tablets,capsules, liquid injections, powder for injections, suspensions, creams and ointments, nasal sprays, and eye and ear drops. Our veterinary product range includes boluses, injections, oral suspensions,powders and granules, sprays, and premixes.Medical Supplies, our fastest growing product line including syringes, medical dressings and diagnostic test kits, are expanding our range to meet the needs in the markets and regions KONTAM products can be found.

Our Advantage
We at KONTAM take pride in our commitment to our carefully formed and enforced processes and procedures. We have an implemented policy of constant improvement we call the “KONTAM Advancement” program. This program rewards our employees, distributors and healthcare professionals for proposing and implementing new policies for improved quality control and management efficiencies.

Such a program reflects our competitive advantage in the pharmaceutical industry: an obsession for the constant improvement of anything and everything related to our products, customers, and employees. We have maintained one of the highest levels of consistent product quality, customer service, and employee satisfaction in the industry.pharmaceutical-professional-bodies

KONTAM employs the latest technology to achieve our quest for constant improvement. From initial contact with clients to the arrival of goods, our highly specialized processes make for a checks and balances system that is focused on every detail of production, packaging, documentation, and shipping. Exporting our products around the globe, KONTAM relies on the latest supply-chain management systems available. However, none of this would be possible without excellent people.

Our employees are highly specialized in their respective fields, even new employees are required to complete an extensive training program. We like to think that our employees might be the best in world, and we treat them accordingly. All staff partake in profit sharing and we reward loyalty. This is why we have one of the lowest turnover rates in the business.

The way we do business is different. We like to think of it as advanced caring… for our customers, our employees, and in everything we do. We believe the success of a long-term relationship with our clients is based not only on delivering the right product at the right price, but also reliability through constant improvement.